Sailing is fun

5 days, 9-4 daily

IYT International Crew Course

Gain certification and work towards becoming a skipper


$980 per person

What to Expect:

Over 5 days students will participate in onboard lessons. Students will have opportunities to take the helm, work the lines, practice man overboard drills and work on practical safety and sailing skills covered in the online theory portion. For students interested in continuing on to the IYT Bareboat skipper course they can also take the VHF-SRC Course online and complete the practical within the 5 day International Crew course.


Online International Crew Theory Course
Optional: Online VHF-SRC Theory Course

The International Crew Course consists of Modules 1 – 11 in the IYT International Boating & Sailing Passport and is a pre-requisite course for the IYT International Flotilla Skipper and/or IYT International Bareboat Skipper Course/s. 

The course covers:
* Nautical terminology
* Safety briefing
* Passage planning
* Rope work
* Basic rules of the road
* Introduction to weather
* Basic sail handling
* Basic handling under power
* Man overboard procedures
* Vessel equipment and instruments
* Engine checks and maintenance
* Deck seamanship
* Sailing vessels handling skills
* Sailing vessels under power
* Power vessel handling skills
* Dingy handling under power

Student are asked to bring their own lunch aboard, water, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, warm clothing, and a good attitude :)

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